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Legends of Media & Entertainment Industry Part-2

Legends of animation

Legends of Media & Entertainment Industry


Shri V.G. Samant

Legend of Animation

One of the most venerated pioneers of Indian animation, Shri V.G. Samant’s contributions are unparalleled.

E. Suresh

Short Form Animation Guru, Mumbai, India

Suresh Kumar Eriyat aka Eeks revolutionised the art of animation Ad making in India with his groundbreaking innovations. He is short form animation guru, Mumbai, India.

Dhimant Vyas

Veteran Animation Film Designer

LDhimant Vyas is a veteran animation film designer who has worked on famous ‘Shaun the Sheep’ series two and Purple & Brown with multiple academy award winning animation studio - Aardaman Animation Ltd., U.K.’

Vaibhav Kumaresh

Creator and Film Maker, Founder - Vaibhav Studios

Vaibhav Kumaresh is an animation film maker and is currently Founder, Director at Vaibhav Studios, Mumbai.

Chetan Sharma

Director and Actor

Chetan Sharma is an award-winning animator and Co-founder & Director of Animagic, one of India's most reputed independent animation studios.


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