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Portfolio/Showreel Tips

Portfolio/Showreel Tips

  • Your Portfolio/Showreel should showcase your original work and not copied from others.

  • The expert will make an impression about your work in the first 10-15 seconds, so make sure you showcase your best work in the beginning. A demo reel should be of around 2-3 minutes duration. If your best work is around 60-90 seconds, then only showcase that. Include artworks, sketches or breakdown of your Final work in your demo reel to showcase your ideas & concept development of your work.

  • If you are applying for a specifc profle or role in a studio, for example, as a Lighting Artist, then include only that body of work in your show reel.

  • Do not add any music to your demo reel. The expert will have the sound turned on while watching a demo reel, unless it is a Character Animation demo reel which has a character speaking a dialogue.

  • Do not add title animation at the start of your demo reel, unless you are applying for a Motion Graphics profle. A still frame at the start, mentioning your full name & specialisation, and full name, email, contact number/s at the end of your demo reel is required.

  • Make sure you carry a neat print copy of your resume. You can expect questions on specifc work showcased in your demo reel, so make sure you are prepared for it.

  • For artists, their demo reel is more important than their resume. Prepare your best works carefully and get it reviewed by your teacher or any professional before you send them.


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